DAERA / EMFG Resilience Webinar


Online Zoom Session

3pm - 4pm

An awareness of workplace stress, the signs, symptoms, and interventions are more important now than ever. The challenges presented post covid in adapting to a different working environment and the impact that this has had on social interaction, family time and personal has undoubtedly had a significant impact on the mental wellbeing of the NICS staff. According to research published by Mind, around a third of adults and young people said their mental health has got much worse since March 2020, and 1 in 5 adults did not seek support during the pandemic because they didn’t think their problem was serious enough. Mental health and stress related conditions are now the most common reported causes of sickness absence from work in the Northern Ireland, with mental health sickness absence costing employers an estimated £3.4 billion per annum.


This seminar provides an opportunity for participants to discover the relationship between how people think and their patterns of behaviour, such as long and short term experiences of anxiety, depression and stress. It will explore how to promote better mental wellbeing for the participant, while also identifying symptomatic behaviour of low resilience in colleagues and how best to approach it.


The experienced trainer will share techniques and skills including using routines, relaxation techniques and a stress prevention interventions to improve mental health.


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