DAERA Leadership Development Programme


The Pavilion Stormont

9:30am - 4pm

The WELL Team in conjunction with DAERA Environment, Marine & Fisheries division are offering a Leadership Development Programme for their staff.

The full day session will cover topics such as:

  • Personal Effectiveness - To provide managers and leaders with the confidence in their ability and skills to support personal effectiveness and to demonstrate how these skills can be applied in a way that promotes and develops organisational effectiveness.
  • Effective Management - To provide an insight into the specific management styles, skills and behaviours that each individual has and how they can apply these to achieve team and business success.
  • Personal Resilience - : How useful would it be to understand and control your emotional state in times of overwhelm and stress, develop your level of emotional resilience and have the confidence and ability to deal effectively with the challenges that you face in all areas of your life.


If you would like to attend this session taking place on Thursday 11th April please register your details below.