Men's Health Week

10Jun 17Jun

Awareness Week

In the UK, one man in five dies before he reaches 65. Together we can change that.

​​The Men's Health Manifesto sets out the changes needed to tackle the high rate of premature deaths in men. 


What are the Forum's values?
§  Positive

They believe change can happen and they’re always trying to make things better. They don’t blame men or women or anyone else for the poor state of men’s health, they just want to do something about it.

§  Collaborative

They stand shoulder to shoulder with men. They don’t want to work in isolation. They thrive on working with other people and other organisations.

§  Grounded

They always want to hear the full diversity of men's voices on any issue. They’re interested in evidence rather than ideologies – and in anything that men tell us affects their health and well-being – not just genitourinary problems.

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