Senior Civil Service: Vitality Health Assessment

21Feb 08Mar

The Pavilion, Stormont

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Senior Civil Service Programme

'Resilience - From the Inside Out'


Time to be empowered! This personal and professional development opportunity, designed by NICS WELL in partnership with NICSHR, will guide you to develop greater self-awareness and enable you to take charge of your health and wellbeing.

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Vitality Health Assessment 


Firstly you will receive a Cholesterol, Blood Glucose and Blood Pressure check with the WELL Assessor. 

The health and wellbeing assessment uses revolutionary equipment to give you a complete holistic view of your body from the Inside Out. With only one cardioscan testing facility in Northern Ireland, this unique opportunity gives you an in-depth evaluation of your heart health, metabolic profile, body composition and mental agility.

Also included is a range of assessments to establish specific communication style, personality traits, key competencies and values in the context of career and further personal and professional growth.

Vitality Testing Comprises of:



Assesses emotional health and documents relevant risk factors to ill health.  



Shows the distribution of body fat, lean mass, body water and muscles.



Charts an ECG-accurate three-dimensional heart portrait, determines stress and fitness levels.



Determines resting metabolism and metabolic profile (including fat and carb building mode).


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