Physio Session - Recover and Thrive


Online Session

2pm - 3:30pm

NICS WELL are delighted to be offering new WELL Physio Sessions - 'Recover and Thrive' to all LPS staff - delivered by WELL Physiotherapist Jack. 


Jack is a physiotherapist who has extensive experience helping clients with long standing conditions such as chronic back pain, sports related injuries such as knee ligament injuries, dislocations, and muscle tears. As a trained wheelchair skills coach and physio of the Irish Masters hockey team, Jack is fascinated with the human body and how amazingly adaptive it is.

This hour and a half long workshop will teach us the fundamental principles of our bodies. He will cover many topics such as:

  • Foot, hip, spine and shoulder mobility
  • Balance problems
  • How to deal with pain and injury
  • Stress combating tools
  • Basic movement principals
  • Mindset, self-care and much more.

Jack is committed to understanding why we move and feel the way we do, and to find solutions to get us moving well and living to our full potential, free from fear of pain and movement.

This is a physical course and participants will require space and are advised to wear loose fitting clothing for the session. 


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