Wellness Wednesdays - Mental Wellbeing


Wednesday 10th January - 12 noon

Wellness Wednesdays

Due to last year’s enthusiastic response, we’re thrilled to partner with the WELL Programme once more this January to reintroduce Wellness Wednesdays. 

Each Wednesday in January we will be providing you all with a free online wellness workshop to get you mentally and physically ready for the year ahead! These sessions will cover the following: 

Mental Wellbeing

Wednesday 10th January 2024

Are you facing challenges when it comes to defining or achieving your goals? In this session, you’ll delve into your sources of motivation in your career, health, or personal relationships. You’ll also gain a more profound insight into goal setting, establishing a clear vision of your objectives, and the path to reaching them.

This session will take place on the online platform Zoom and will each start at 12 noon. If you would like to sign up for any of these workshops, please register below.

Let’s refocus, reset and refresh together for the year ahead!

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