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Botulism recall for Loyd Grossman korma sauce

A batch of Loyd Grossman Korma sauce has been recalled after two cases of botulism in Scotland. The two family members were hospitalised after they had eaten from a jar that was later found to contain botulism-causing bacteria. Both are reportedly recovering well.

Only one jar from the batch is known to have been contaminated, but as a precautionary measure the the Health Protection Agency is advising the public to immediately dispose of any products from the batch. The recall applies to all 350g jars of Loyd Grossman Korma sauce with a best before date of February 2013 and a batch code of: 1218R 07:21.

The matter is currently being investigated and medical professionals across the UK have been advised to look out for people with possible symptoms. Supermarkets are also removing any products affected by the recall.

Botulism is very rare in the UK, although it can can cause very serious illness or even death in those infected if not treated promptly. The HPA has urged the public to be aware of the signs and symptoms of food-borne botulism, which include nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, headaches and muscle weakness are other direct effects that can be caused by the toxin that the bacteria produces. For more information read our sections on botulism, the symptoms of botulism and the causes of botulism.

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