Mental health

Avoiding burnout 

The Charity for Civil Servants supports all current, former and retired civil servants throughout their lives, listening without judgement and offering practical, financial and emotional support. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained and unable to meet the constant demands of work and life, you may be experiencing burnout. 

Working from home or in isolation, with fewer social and leisure opportunities, it’s possible to experience burnout. We sometimes need to be reminded to look after our own wellbeing, including spotting the signs of burnout, and seeking help quickly. It can be hard to admit to ourselves when we are overwhelmed, let alone tell other people how we feel. 

If you’re missing deadlines, always on, distracted, irritable, lacking sleep, or feeling like you can’t do your job well any more, you may need to recover, refresh and reboot. Visit The Charity for Civil Servants’ Burnout Hub to help you find ways to improve your wellbeing.