Be UV Aware - Skin Cancer Prevention Session

In June 2022, Cancer Focus NI partnered with NICS WELL to provide an online Skin Cancer Prevention Session.


Your skin works hard to keep you healthy, and you can return the favour by taking care of it.

Now that the better weather is on the way we should always be careful about exposing ourselves to too much sun.

Cancer Focus NI in conjunction with the WELL Programme hosted a series of online sessions to raise awareness of Skin Cancer in Northern Ireland. 

The Be UV Aware information session covered:

  • The health risks and benefits of exposure to UV rays
  • Skin cancer incidence in Northern Ireland, the main causes and risk factors
  • Information on UV exposure levels and how to check the UV level
  • The importance of knowing your own skin type
  • How to check your skin for signs of skin cancer
  • Top tips for protecting your skin from overexposure to UV rays and enjoying the sun safely

This session is now available to watch on our YouTube Channel! 


If you would like to view this session please click here.