DfC rivalry settled on the Fairways

The WELL Team were delighted to hear from Champion Charlene McKeefry who was in touch regarding a recent score which was settled between the Antrim, Lisburn and Dungannon offices of Discretionary Support...


Since the dawn of Discretionary Support there has always been a rivalry between Antrim, Lisburn and Dungannon offices, and after almost 7 years it was time to prove who the top dog actually was.  Many ideas were banded about on how this could once and for all be settled. In the end it was felt that a most dignified option was to slug it out on the golf course.

With teams selected, dodgy handicaps given, and Dungannon Golf Club chosen as the venue we gathered on 6th October to see who would emerge victorious.

The first group saw the battle of the captains, Chris vs Terry, with the other match being Emmett vs Sarah. These were both extremely tight matches with both going up the 18th all square. Emmett eventually winning his match and Chris/Terry ending up all square.  The highlight of this round was Sarah’s hole-in-one on the 16th, and Terry almost going for a dunk in the stream on the 17th.

The second group saw Enda vs Peter and Paul vs Michael. As previously mentioned, the dodgy handicaps came into play in this match with Paul winning comfortably 4&3. Enda and Peter had a great matchup. Enda took an early 5-point lead but this was down to 1 on the 18th. He managed to hold his nerve and draw the last which gave the Antrim office the point needed to get them over the line.

In the final group the match between Brendan and Andy ended up surprisingly one sided with Brendan winning 5&4, despite Andy’s best efforts to get inside his head beforehand. The other game was Mark vs Neil, which proved to be a much tighter affair. This was a bit of a grudge match with Mark being an ex Dungannon staff member, who recently switched allegiances to Antrim. Neil came out on top her though winning on the 17th 2&1, possibly spurred on after eating a box of performance enhancing snowballs on his way round.

Final scores were Antrim 3.5 and Dungannon 2.5.

A great day out was had by all, with plenty of craic, and the trophy now sitting proudly in the Antrim office.

Group 1

Terry Agnew, Sarah Rafferty, Chris Moore, Emmett Crozier

Group 2

Paul O’Hagan, Peter Mallon, Enda McKee, Michael Hagan

Group 3

Brendan O’Hanlon, Andy Owens, Neil Maclean, Mark Cairns (not in pic)