Lanyon welcomes Frank from Prostate Cancer UK

Frank McNally, who works in the Department of Infrastructure and who is also a Prostate Cancer UK Volunteer, delivered a talk to staff in Lanyon Plaza on 3rd December 2019. The aim of this talk was to help raise awareness about the work of Prostate Cancer UK, prostate cancer and prostate problems; to make those attending more aware of the potential symptoms, risks and actions to take; and awareness of your rights. Frank’s talk also provided details of the support available from Prostate Cancer UK, not just for men but for families who may need support as well.


This talk was greatly received in Lanyon Plaza, as evidenced by the number of staff who attended and the discussion generated.

The talks are open to everyone. Men are not the only one’s affected by prostate cancer – it has an impact on the partners, families and friends of those diagnosed or living with it!!