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Sexual Health Awareness Seminar 2020

‘Covid-secure’ event at Pavilion a success


The NICS LGBT Staff Network hosted the second annual Sexual Health Awareness Seminar for NICS colleagues on Tuesday 15th September in association with NICS WELL.

And despite the current health restrictions the event proved to be as popular and informative as before!


This year lead organisers Cyril Curran and Dennis Lucas worked closely with Ronan Hannawin from NICS WELL and the staff at the Pavilion to ensure the event could go ahead in a Covid secure way. 


Cyril said ‘We were nervous about trying to organise an event like this in the current circumstances however we were overwhelmed to find that the event was quickly oversubscribed!  So unfortunately we had to ask some folks to stay away to keep the numbers in the room at a safe level!’


Luckily Robert Scott from It Support Services was on hand to set up a live streaming feed for colleagues to tune in remotely.  For those who attended at the Pavilion, the distribution of personalised hygiene packs containing miniature hand sanitiser, facemasks and tissues (amongst other things!) proved to be a hit with all those who attended.

Dennis said ‘Last year’s seminar provided excellent all round general information about sexual health however we didn’t want to repeat that again.  Fortunately sexual health is such a broad topic that we didn’t need to.  I was really pleased that this year we could bring together such diverse and interesting speakers to discuss issues ranging from the menopause to the criminality and dangers for vulnerable groups linked to chem sex’.


Cyril added Once again the feedback has been fantastic.  There were attendees from the Health and Social Care Board who said afterwards they had learned things they didn’t know before.  And with contributions from the PSNI, Common Youth, the health Trust and Greg Owen from iwantprepnow there really was something for everyone!’


Don’t worry if you missed it!  The NICS LGBT Network are pleased to announce that the seminar was recorded and the presentations have been posted on their webpage for all staff to view at their leisure. Details of this will be on the WELL Website soon.


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