Stop Smoking Support service

Dear All

NICS WELL are partnering with Cancer Focus NI to bring their Stop Smoking Support service to all our staff again this October.

Do you smoke?

Would you like to give yourself an instant pay rise?

Smoking 20 cigarettes a day costs you £4368 (based on £12 a pack)

Rolling 20 cigarettes daily will cost you £2055 (based on £28.30 for 50g pouch)

Why not ease the burden of the cost of living increases while doing the BEST thing ever for your health and the health of those you love?

Cancer Focus will be offering tailored one to one stop smoking support for any of our staff who want help to kick the habit. This support can be provided via Teams or telephone.

Their experienced Stop Smoking Specialists will help you to:

  • Build your confidence
  • Break your habits
  • Manage your cravings through FREE provision of and advice surrounding Nicotine Replacement Therapy e.g. patches or other pharmacotherapy (if suitable)

 Weekly support will be offered for up to 12 weeks.

 First appointments usually last 30 minutes and weekly reviews are 15 minutes.

 This service is fully funded by the Public Health Agency so comes at no cost to you!               

If you are interested in hearing more about stopping smoking or in gaining some knowledge about VAPING, please sign up to a virtual presentation on Tuesday September 26th at 2pm.