Eating disorders

The Laurence Trust visit Lanyon Plaza

In recognition of International Men’s Day on 19th November, Chris Nugent and Pam Nugent from The Laurence Trust(link is external) visited Lanyon Plaza to give a presentation on Guys and Eating Disorders.


The Laurence Trust(link is external) was founded with the primary goal to support men in their daily battle with eating disorders and mental health related issues. It provides information to raise awareness and to promote preventative awareness by sharing the lived experience and educating men, their families, health care providers and the general public on Eating Disorders and the impact it has on sufferers and families.


Pam Nugent from DoF EU Division is a Trustee (and founding) member of the charity. She has a very personal connection to the charity.


My son, Laurence passed away on 30 September 2009, due to heart failure related to his Eating Disorder and struggles he had with severe depression for around 8 years. Since Laurence’s passing his family and friends have struggled to make sense of what has happened to Laurence, but have found light and hope in the motivation to help other young men and their families who find themselves in the same position.” – Pam Nugent


The Laurence Charity (link is external)is keen to share the message and is available to visit other offices. Please contact NICS WELL for more details.