British Heart Foundation - 100k Challenge

British Heart Foundation 100k Challenge starting on Boxing Day! 


Join the #BHF100K challenge and cover 100 kilometres running, walking, swimming, cycling, moon-walking any way that you want!

Get your New Year off to a healthy start and join the fight against heart and circulatory disease. Starting on Boxing Day, you'll have 37 days to cover 100km and aim to raise £100 (per participant) before crossing the finish line on January 31st. There’s no complicated sign-up process, all you need to do is:


BHF NI is the BIGGEST independent funder of heart & circulatory disease research here with an investment of £1.8million at Queen’s University. They research the conditions that steal people from their loved ones suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving no chance to say goodbye; heart attacks, cardiac arrests and inherited heart conditions amongst many others. Heart & circulatory diseases cause heartbreak on every street. But if we can invent machines to restart hearts, fix arteries in newborn babies, build tiny devices to correct heartbeats, and if we can give someone a heart they weren’t born with – imagine what’s next.

This year, with your support, they're hoping to raise £100K. This could help to fund a PhD student’s grant and their research for three years: your support could fund the next generation of cardiovascular researchers on their path to becoming world class scientists of the future.

If you have any questions, please contact Órla on clarkeo@bhf.org.uk.