Join the NICS Cycle to Work scheme!

The WELL Team are celebrating Bike to Work Week by encouraging everyone to join the Cycle to Work Scheme!

The Cycle to Work Scheme enables staff to hire a bicycle for use in the journey to and from work. The employing Department purchases the bicycle and hires it to the member of staff over twelve months through a salary sacrifice arrangement. The member of staff makes savings on the tax and national insurance element of their hire payments.

Join the Cycle to Work Scheme;

  1. Enjoy a quicker journey - speed past the traffic in the cycle lane!
  2. Take delight in being quids in! Save money on travel costs.
  3. You won’t need to run for the last bus / train anymore.
  4. Improve your health and fitness levels.

Follow these 8 steps to get a bike on the Cycle to Work Scheme...

  1. Click here to see Frequently Asked Questions for eligibility and details of what you can get through the scheme.
  2. Visit the supplier of your choice and get a quote for the cycle and equipment you have chosen.
  3. Download the hire agreement form (below) and send the completed form to your Departmental contact along with the quote from the cycle retailer.
  4. Your Departmental contact will let you know if your application has been approved, and will contact the cycle retailer.
  5. Your cycle retailer will contact you when your cycle and equipment is ready for collection.
  6. Collect your cycle and equipment and let your Departmental contact know that the goods have been received.
  7. Hire payments will start the following month through payroll.
  8. Get cycling!


C2W Application – Industrial

C2W Application - Non Industrial


If you have any further questions or queries regarding the scheme simply contact payandreward@finance-ni.gov.uk