Bladder Cancer Awareness

Over 20,300 people in the UK are diagnosed each year with bladder cancer and it is not a rare cancer.

In March 2022, a Patient Support Officer and bladder cancer patient from Action Bladder Cancer gave a virtual talk to help raise awareness about Bladder Cancer to colleagues in the Northern Ireland Civil Service.

Action Bladder Cancer UK highlighted the following key awareness messages:

  • Signs and symptoms – learn the most common symptoms of bladder cancer
  • About bladder cancer –learn some important facts and figures about bladder cancer
  • Risks – gain an awareness of the risk factors associated with bladder cancer
  • Work of ABC UK– hear how the charity can support patients diagnosed with bladder cancer as well as support research into the disease

There is very limited public awareness of bladder cancer and diagnosis can often be late, particularly in women. It also has the highest recurrence rate of any known cancer - up to 80%. Patient outcomes can be considerably improved by early diagnosis - up to 80% survival rate if caught early enough. That’s why Action Bladder Cancer UK are dedicated to raising awareness through the work of their charity.

If you would like to view this session, please click here.