Cancer Focus NI at NIEA Lisburn

To celebrate Women’s International Health Day Bernadette Miller from Cancer Focus NI came to NIEA Lisburn on Friday 8th March to give a presentation on Women and Cancer Talk.

The talk was aimed at women and focused on general cancer prevention messages include smoking, alcohol, physical activity, diet, care in the sun, exposure to chemicals and then on early detection /body awareness and specifically breast awareness for women.

It was a very worthwhile presentation full of information and when we were discussing the health warnings due to smoking Bernadette was able to pass around a clear jar that contained tar that would be gathered around your lungs. If you were a smoker this would have given you an insight what effects smoking was having on your body particularly around your lungs.

A supply of leaflets and booklets were also given out on female and male cancers.
To thank Cancer Focus NI for their support NICSSA kindly provided a £50 Victoria Square voucher for a raffle to take place in work which was won by Mairead Murphy and a member of staff kindly donated a bottle of wine as a 2nd prize which was won by Sam Gibson.
Total raised £185!