Breast Cancer UK Awareness Talk for WELL

Breast Cancer UK Awareness Talk for WELL


On Thursday 7th October the team at Breast Cancer UK delivered a great virtual session for the WELL Programme, to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast Cancer UK’s mission is to prevent breast cancer through education, scientific research, collaboration and policy change.    

The session provided in-depth information on many topics such as:

  • How we can prevent breast cancer
  • What can cause breast cancer and the risk factors involved, including how chemicals that we come into contact in our everyday lives, may be increasing our risk.
  • Ways in which we can all take action to reduce our risk at any age.


If you missed this session, Breast Cancer UK have published an on demand version of the main points covered in the presentation hereIn this 25 minute video, you’ll learn about the things that increase your chances of getting breast cancer and the actions you can take to reduce your risk.

You can also check out Breast Cancer UK’s new Prevention Hub. Here you can take their Prevention Quiz to see how much change you could make to reduce your risk of breast cancer and take action with their useful tips and planner.

Around 55,000 women and 390 men a year in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer. Yet over a quarter of these cases could be prevented through lifestyle changes. That means over 13,000 cases of breast cancer could be prevented, saving millions of lives, avoiding unnecessary suffering and reducing the cost to the NHS by over £1.5 billion a year. 

With your generous support, you can boost their work to help people reduce their risk now and stop preventable cases of breast cancer in future generations.

If you would be interested in making a donation, click here.